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Michelle Feelders
Dutch artist specialised in Spatial Design and Communication and Interaction Design
Questions the relation between human and machine
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Multi-Interpretable video
The starting point for this Multi-Interpretable video were two documentaries. The first documentary was: HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis. The second documentary was: The Internet's Own Boy; The Story of Aaron Swartz. This Multi-Interpretable video is about the case of Aaron Swartz where so many opinions where involved. The opinions suffocated the subject. I tried to show this in combination with the topic of fake news that is currently so very present in our lives. I created an experience where you would be watching the same movie over and over again with a different narrative. This leaves you with a completely different view on the subject matter. The clip you can see here is a short clip of the full video. The full video consist out of eight different questions and every question has around four different answers. The video is controlled with a midi controller. The video shown will be different every time you see it. A different point of view will leave you with a completely different opinion.
Film, Sound
Social aspect
System based