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Michelle Feelders
Dutch artist specialised in Spatial Design and Communication and Interaction Design
Questions the relation between human and machine
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L'homme machine
The starting point for creating this work was the text 'l'homme Machine' by Julien Offray de la Mettrie written in 1747. He wrote about humans being machines so complex that their inner functioning was impossible to describe. Knowing the human is a complex machine, I asked the question: "The only true interpreter is the experience so can the human interpretation become input for reconstructing a location, by instructing humans to document experience from the perspective of one sense?" The loss of one part of the body or sense can increase the strength or sensitivity of others. Humans perceive a lot of details with their senses, to exploit our capability of sensing to the fullest I made three dimensional worlds. The different worlds are an impression of locations fully built from sensorial input. The participants in this work were asked to make a sketch of a location based on one sense, hearing, seeing, touching, smelling or tasting. What you're looking at right now is the sensorial interpretation of a location. A human is a large system which constantly tries to balance itself against the disturbing influences of the outside world - largely unconsciously, so "mechanically"
Net-art, Sound
Research based