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Michelle Feelders
Dutch artist specialised in Spatial Design and Communication and Interaction Design
Questions the relation between human and machine
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Peel Off Life
The concept of time is represented in different forms: clocks, how we age, shadow on the sun, the moon, etc. There are some interesting changes going on in our human experience of time. Kairos time is the perfect moment in time; an opportunity. Chronos time is the chronological time of the clock. We recognise the difference in these concepts today more then ever. Mainly because our representation of time conveys only Chronos and there are barely any representation of Kairos time today. I started a project with this idea of re-introducing Kairos in our lives. I asked myself the question: "How can I create a timepiece that shows the temporality of life, and the past, using natural representations of time and information?" Nature has ways of representing time: like a tree ring for example. The rings of the tree trunk, represent the total live span in the amount of rings. If it was a good year or a bad year in the distance between the rings. With this information I made a clock that peels off the rings of a tree trunk one ring a year. How long the clock last is one on one related to the age of the tree.
Installation, Datavisualisation
System based
Research based