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Michelle Feelders
Dutch artist specialised in Spatial Design and Communication and Interaction Design
Questions the relation between human and machine
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End of life
End of life is based on the lifecycle of a computer which is approximately 5 years. At the end of this life a computer usually gets recycled. Most of the time this is done by Third World countries where the precious metals like silver, copper and gold are removed from the computer manually. When you see documentations of this process the sounds are very intriguing. you hear an overview of the mining and the recycling process. This sounds communicate what is happening so well that they don't even need the visual representation. But the sounds in those Third World countries are very different from the sound of the commercial world think of an mobile commercial. To communicate this difference the three stages are communicated through sound and metal. The three stages of this copper are: the copper mining, the commercial part when the copper is in your phone or laptop, the e-waste burning and the collecting of this precious copper. The combination of sound and the production proces reveal a different layer of information.
Datavisualisation, Installation, Sound
Social aspect
Research based